Our 2024 Modules are Revised and Upgraded


February 22-23, 2024


via ZOOM Video Conferencing Application/platform


2 days


Process Owners


PhP 3,360.00 / pax

Proper management and maintenance of infrastructure and process environment is an essential elements of an effective quality management system. These resources can significantly affect the quality of the product and services provided to the customers. Effective management of infrastructure leads to productivity and reduces costs of breakdown and complaints while effective management of the process environment helps enhance client satisfaction and improves employee morale.


For the participants to aim HIGH on Management of Infrastructure and Process Environment!

  • HAVE a differ understanding of ISO 9001:2015 requirements of Infrastructure and Process Environment

  • IMPROVE their knowledge on how to effectively manage infrastructure and process environment

  • GAIN additional tools and techniques to be applied to their existing infrastructure and process environment

  • HEIGHTEN their performance by applying the tools and techniques acquired in effective management of infrastructure and process environment



  • QMS Fundamentals
  • Process Approach to Supplier Management
  • Value-Adding Quality Management System

QMS Requirements of Infrastructure

  • ISO 9001:2015 requirements on Infrastructure
  • Types of Infrastructure that needs to be managed
  • Understanding the requirements

QMS Requirements on Process Environment

  • ISO 9001:2015 requirements on process environment
  • Aspects of Process Environment
  • Understanding the Requirements

Risks Related to Infrastructure & Process Environment

  • Risks Related to Infrastructure
  • Risks Related to Process Environment

Managing Infrastructure

  • Managing Building and Associated Utilities
  • Managing Equipment
  • Managing Transportation Resources
  • Managing Information Technology and Communication Equipment
  • Managing Other Infrastructures

Managing Process Environment

  • Managing Physical Aspect of the Process
  • Managing Psychological Aspect of the Process
  • Managing Social Aspect of the Process


Using animated presentations, the trainer will explain the ISO 9001:2015 edition and provide examples and templates on how the requirements can be effectively integrated to your operation.

Towards the end of the course, the trainer shall provide guidance on how to apply a Principle-based QMS and establish a Quality Management System certifiable to ISO 9001:2015.