Our 2024 Modules are Revised and Upgraded


February 19, 2024


via ZOOM Video Conferencing Application/platform


1 day


Top Management, Division Heads


PhP 2,000.00 / pax

ISO 9001:2015 redefined the requirements with respect to leadership and commitment in order to emphasize top management’s vital role in the success of the QMS. This training aims to provide people managing the QMS with adequate knowledge and skills on how to truly use QMS as a management tool that will lead to improved organizational performance. If you are the head of the company, QMR or a supervisor, this training is for you!


  • LEARN the new high-level structure of the ISO 9001:2015
  • ENABLE your organization on how to effectively apply the requirements
  • APPRECIATE the system as to how it adds value to your organization
  • DEVELOP culture of “quality” within the organization


  • QMS Fundamentals – What is QMS? Why establish a QMS?
  • Understanding the Organization – Where are we now? Who do we need to satisfy?
  • Accountability – Who should be accountable for the QMS?
  • Quality Policy and Quality Objectives – Where are we heading? How do we get there?
  • Integrating QMS to the Operation – What is the best approach?
  • Process Approach – How to promote PDCA to everybody?
  • Risk-based Thinking – How to sell proactive planning?
  • Resources – How to effectively manage your resources?
  • Effectiveness and Conformity – How to promote “quality” to everyone
  • Result-Oriented QMS – How to enhance customer satisfaction and improve products and services?
  • Engagement of People – How to apply the principle?
  • Improvement – How to make improvement as an ongoing focus
  • Delegation – How to empower others in leading their area of responsibilities?
  • Management Review – How to apply evidence-based decision making
  • Improvement action planning – what’s next?


Using animated presentations, the trainer will explain the ISO 9001:2015 edition and provide examples and templates on how the requirements can be effectively integrated to your operation.

Towards the end of the course, the trainer shall provide guidance on how to apply a Principle-based QMS and establish a Quality Management System certifiable to ISO 9001:2015.