Our 2024 Modules are Revised and Upgraded


May 20, 2024


via ZOOM Video Conferencing Application/platform


1 day


Process Owners


PhP 1,680.00 / pax
VAT Inclusive

5S is a simple tool for organizing your workplace in a clean, efficient and safe manner to enhance your productivity and to ensure the introduction of standardized working environment. 5S needs to be taught and learned within the organization for it to be effectively implemented. This training will help your organization make 5S a habit!


We want you to LEAP!
  • LEARN the Concepts and Principles of 5S Standards;

  • EXPLAIN properly the meaning and value of each of the 5S Components;

  • APPLY what has been learned through the development of 5S Program; and

  • PRACTICE the standards effectively in your work place


  • What is 5S?

  • Origins and Benefits of 5S

  • Objectives of 5S

  • The 7 Wastes: Causes and Countermeasures

  • 1S – Sort: Rules, Approaches and Results

  • 2S – Set In Order: Rules, Approaches and Results

  • 3S – Shine: Rules, Approaches and Results

  • 4S – Standardize: Rules, Approaches and Results

  • 5S – Sustain: Rules, Approached and Results

  • Sample Norms, Standards and Checklists

  • Improving Your 5S Program and Implementation


  • 1 Day Training: Lecture Only
  • 2 Day Training: Lecture and In-House Application